Chiavi Future Lounge

Emphasizes creativity in team work.

chiavi lounge

 The Lounge is situated in the sunny side of the mountains in Davos in Switzerland and offers a cozy, luxurious and innovative surroundings for:


Chiavi - Seminars with themes such like

- Light and color

Open colour seminars 2010, read more >>>

- Creativity
- Collage
- Talent, how to find talents
- Mother-child seminars
- Physiology of building and space planning
- Infra red, the future heat


Discussions and meetings in the lounge

- Creativity in company, in business
- Product development
- Lectures, presentations
- Executive groups
- Board meetings



- Art
- Textile
- Creations
- Light



It is also possible to rent the lounge for one or two persons for example for the Christmas - New Year - period.


The Chiavi Lounge consists of an atelier-type, high room as a living room, bedroom and meeting room facing to the south and having transformable furniture. Moreover WC with shower, tiny kitchen, decked balcony and tiny garden. The most modern technology is there available.

The Chiavi Lounge is at your service together with:

- Zumtobel - Lights,
- Bene - Office furniture design,
- Vorwerk - Carpets,
- Agon - Infra red heat,
- Davos Kunzli - Low energy wood building,
- Cotec -Wall material (Stucko Veneziano),


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