Lectures and presentations

Colour lectures and presentations for professionals and students


With colours to the better success in every business!

Black is not a colour, but in spite of that, everything is nowadays black.
Black clothes, cars, glasses, textiles, and even houses .... Why it is like that? Black is looking very boring.
There is no courage or fantasy more to look things more colourful.

Colours are important also from safety point of view. For example colourful measuring instruments are better observable than grey-black ones.

My target is that people start to think "more colourful" and also find out the benefits in every business.

Lectures and presentations are organised by order, for example, for the professionals and students in branches as follows:



Erich Chiavi

- Architects
- Planers
- Internal architects
- Textile Professionals
- Fabric producers
- Designers
- Packaging
- Decorators
- Painters

- Stuckateurs
- Art schools
- Carpenters

- Florists
- Hospitals
- Schools

- Spas
- AD's
- Orientierung
- Measuring instruments
- Carpets, floors
- Car industry
- Airplane planning
- Shipbuilding
- Kitchen producers
- Plattenleger
- Railway carriage
- Tunnel Internal planning
- Furniture producers


With cooperation