Erich Chiavi references



UBS: Colour plans and layout in banking hall, colour assistance

Deutsche Bank: new ideas for creative team work

Sparkasse Ingolstadt: Interior furnishing, offices, banking hall, meeting rooms, windows

Graubundner Kantonalbank and Glaerner Kantonalbank: Colour layout and materials



Ciba: Planning and forming of research and development department, and manufacturing building

Novartis: Creativity seminar

Samdoz: Manufacturing building in Ireland


Car industry:

Merzedes: Manufacturing building in South America


Food development and packaging:

Nestle: Packaging, colour seminars, Nestle-Lounge and Reception

Nestle Nutrition: packaging development

Nestle Food Development: natural colour development for natural products       

Nestle-Maggie: colour seminar

Metro Cash& Carry: Markets in India, China, Romania, Germany, Russia, Project "Future Store"

Makro Holland: Colour project

Prodega: Market in Rueschlikon, interior lay out, packaging ideas


Sealed Air Cryovac Food Solution: Demo Center Atlanta and Paris Packforum



IBM Munchen: Colour seminar, ergonomics and colour layout

Xerox Schwitzerland and Holland: colour presentation


Clinics and hospitals

Apolda Germany: whole building, interior and exterior colour planning Neumarkt Germany: whole building, interior and exterior colour planning

Amtsbach Germany: Colour planning and layout

Steigerwald Klinik Germany: Colour planning and layout

Sonnweid Schwitzerland, Colour planning and layout

Altersheim Turm Schwitzerland, Colour planning and layout

Mom Bijou Schwitzerland, Colour layout

Kantonspital Scaffhausen: Colour planning



ISB, International School Reinach Schwitzerland: Colour lay out, interior conversion / furnishing, lights, colours, forms and materials, sound and ergonomics

Primary school Lausanne-Prilly: colour planning


Conference centres and Hotels/Wellness


Zurich Insurance Zurichberg: Colour layout and arrangements of the office, materials

Swiss Holiday Park: Colour layout and arrangements, forms, materials

Bad Scuol: Colour layout, materials



TU WIEN, Austria

HSG St Gallen, Schwitzerland

NDU St Gallen Schwitzerland

Design School Pasedino Kalifornia, Seminar for architects in University Munich

St. Gallen University: Creativity lectures, case "Vision Hill" (Hügelstadt)




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