Infra red and ionisation

Infra red

Infra red is a revolutionary warming system for all rooms, as well for flats as well for offices. Infra red saves energy and is a sustainable choice for heating. It is economical and straight away ready to use.

Benefits of infra red:

- steady heat radiation and distribution
- no dry room air
- causing no dust
- benefit for those having asthma or allergies
- forming no mildew
- it is not noisy
- forming no soot
- no carbon dioxide emission
- needing just a normal electric connection low energy cost needs very little space - is so flat like a  portrait
- installation: room temperature 3 degrees lower
- energy save 18 %
- the temperature wanted is reached in 10 minutes
- Swiss quality as a guarantee
- testing possibilities: test plates are available


More information: AGON



More hygienic air through ionisation.

Effective reduction of vaporousorganic mediums.

 Neutralisation of odours and reduction of micro organism in air.



And how it works:


Air Quality System

Comfort Climate System




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